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About R+R Fitness

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R+R Fitness is the natural evolution of two fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes with a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Founders Rudy Acevedo and Ric Jimenez have trained hundreds of athletes for nearly a decade.  Our athletes represent a wide range of ages and ability levels who have successfully completed events ranging from 5K to Marathon.

In 2012, Ric decided to leave the company to focus his time on family.  Rudy has taken over the duties previously performed by Ric.  The mission of R+R Fitness is to provide group training focused on encouragement and education in a positive environment filled with a wide range of training resources.

R+R Fitness focuses on total fitness for our athletes:

  • Easy to follow training guides
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Guidance on cross training
  • Group training camaraderie

Come join us in preparation for your next goal!

Contact us at: info@training210.com or by phone at (210) 865-3065.

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